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Benji Bruce’s Demo Reel!

This will give you an idea of what Benji will do at your event.

…And the reactions you’ll hear.


This will literally leave your audience speechless.

At the beginning of your event, Benji Bruce will have someone think of a random 2-digit number. And at the end, he combines mind reading, with inspiration, with a slam poem…to create a performance that your audience will talk about for a long time.

RE/MAX Highlights!

RE/MAX brought Benji Bruce in for their event and these are highlights of the reactions from that event.

Benji guessed what people were thinking, and plenty more….which ended with a standing ovation.

Imagine Your Coins Bending!

Imagine you take out a coin, put your name on it (so you know there’s no switching) and that coin just starts to bend in front of your face.

People freak out when they see this live.

Audience hides a necklace!

Benji Bruce has several audience members hide a necklace and everyone tries to figure out who’s holding it.┬áThis is a very interactive demonstration that Benji uses to start his presentation and it involves the entire audience.

Mind reading on the radio!

How on earth can you read someone’s mind over the radio?

Well…Benji Bruce was invited on a radio station and has callers call in…he then figures out exactly what they’re thinking.


That’s the reaction people have when they see this.

Benji Bruce borrows a watch and one person thinks of a time…another person changes the time on watch (without looking)…and it just so happens, the times match up.

Fox News Appearance

Benji was doing an event in San Diego and was invited on Fox

They were impressed that he could guess how much money they had.

Crazy Prediction Of A Vacation!

Aflac’s reactions to this was priceless.

Benji Bruce has 3 random people create a ‘mental vacation’ ….Everyone randomly chooses where they will go, how to get there, and how much it costs. And inside a box, Benji’s prediction is spot on!

A Watch Moves…By Itself (freaky)!

When you bring Benji Bruce to an event, you might also see him doing a few things off stage.

In this video, Benji borrows someone’s watch, puts it in their hand, and has them think of a number. The hands on the watch then move by itself…

They brought him back!

The TV crew brought Benji Bruce back because when they were off camera, he guessed how much money they had in their wallet…

…and they wanted him to do it on TV

Benji Bruce guesses a weird name!

One of the news anchors is told to think of a name…

…Benji Bruce then figures out exactly what he’s thinking.

Gala Highlights!

These are clips from a Gala event in Denver.

Benji Bruce does everything from mind reading to an inspirational piece…and gets a standing ovation.

This Is Just Impossible!

So imagine this…

…one person closes their eyes, and Benji steps away from that person…and touches a second person. But…the person with their eyes closed, feels it.

This is something Benji does on stage and off stage.