Benji Bruce started as an entertainer when he was 10 years old. He began building his business by performing professionally in restaurants when he was 13. He would walk from table to table, performing for groups of people to get tips.
He went on to build an entertainment empire to a point where companies like Remax, AAA, Hilton, Furniture First, Best Buy, and several other companies were flying him all over the world to perform.
Eventually, Benji was getting asked to speak so he combined his mind reading demonstrations with a powerful speaking message on motivation.
And instead of just getting on stage to speak, Benji would blow an audience away using mind reading so they could be more engaged with the presentation.
Benji Bruce built his business in his 20s and started writing books to teach other professionals on how to build their business. He then went on to build an online business training program that helped other entrepreneurs market themselves.


A brief look:
Started his first business at 13
Corporate Mentalist (he can read your mind)
Was born at a young age (has a sense of humor)